Our Vision

“ Being PRISMA services company that is recognized and respected globally, and to be the preferred partner of Information Technology at national and international level "

Our Mission

In the IT s ervices PRISMA, Mission following is our reason for being:
- To provide services and products that are of value to our clients in terms of helping their business become more successfull IT
- As an Information Technology service center effective and innovative products in a cost-efficient
- our mission to lead IT industry in the supply of service and product. amidst the competition. In the respect, we strive relentlessly in strengthening our partnership and approaches in doing the business. overall, we want to be a modest part in helping the workforce and the economy in general


PRISMA is Consultant Company , a strategic partner for leaders, teams and organizations in building Information Technology competencies to be number one.

PRISMA is a specialist outsourced software services company with various developer tools like ORACLE Developer, Java Developer, .NET Developer, Php Developer, etc. also in the field of non-Information Technology.


Profesional Service

PRISMA company with professional technical support, helps solve your IT problems and maintain your IT systems, so you have more time to focus on your core business. Off-site or on-site, project-based or long-term, PRISMA IT Services offers a full menu of services to help companies manage and satisfy all IT needs.

IT Consultant

- Consultation strategic plan short, medium , and long-term information technology field
( Information Technology Strategic Planning )
- Analysis and evaluation of information systems that are running
( System Evaluation and Analysis )
- Consultation design , development , and construction of the database architecture
( Database Analysis & Design )
- Consulting design and development of computer network architecture
( Computer Network Design )

Design and Maintenance of Networks
( Networking Design and Maintenance )

- Procurement and maintenance of hardware
- The architectural design of computer networks ( Network Design )
- Maintenance Network ( Network Maintenance )
- Maintenance System ( System Maintenace )

Software Development
( Software Development )

- Development of web-based applications , databases , and client – server
- Migration of applications to better technology


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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments about our solutions or our company.

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